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Surej Sundaram Kalathil was born and raised in India. At an early age, his parents noticed his aptitude for art.  His father, who was also an artist, encouraged both of his sons to express themselves through art.  As adults, Surej and his brother, Sujit, exhibited their artwork throughout the country. 


Growing up in Mumbai, India, in such a colorful, multicultural country, inspired the vibrant colors you see in much of his artwork. 


Surej obtained a degree in commerce and business, as well as in commercial art, from Mumbai University. 


After his formal education, he worked in print media publications as a layout designer for three prominent magazines in Mumbai.  He went on to work in multimedia, graphic design, freelance cartoonist and website design. 


In 2004, Surej’s career in multimedia graphic design took him the United States, where he quickly became known as the “Sunman,” a name given to him by an American friend.  In Hindi “Surej” means “sun.”  


While in U.S., his artwork has evolved to blend his native Eastern style with that of his new Western home.  His artwork is dynamic, three dimensional, and uses multiple media.  His work blends clay, oil, acrylic and canvas to create a unique style that is distinctively the Sunman’s! He currently lives and works as an artist in West Palm Beach, FL.  



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